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Amanda Homi’s new album ‘Till I Reach Bombay’ receives international praise!


“Amanda Homi covers a lot of musical territory in a masterful, yet adventurous, way…an enchanting journey…”
Joe Ross, Roots Music Report


“Homi has natural affection for world cultures, and her bottomless curiosity and adventurous spirit brings to mind the likes of Joni Mitchell and David Byrne. “
Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville


“Amanda Homi is like a kid in a candy store, sampling the goods and finally deciding she wants it all for her new album Till I Reach Bombay…she embarks on a worldwide musical journey, writing a song during each stopover…”
Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood


“Till I Reach Bombay is a delicious fusion of sounds… She’s a great songwriter and a great singer. An artist that can bridge traditional sounds, genre blending, and pop sensibility… a travelogue that shows our desires, passions, and strengths are universal. Amanda rocks it.”
John Powell, Angelica Music


“Amanda Homi’s Indian descent and world travels shine through on her latest release, Till I Reach Bombay…marvelous and quirky… Nothing is awry here.”
Matthew Forss, Inside World Music