Amanda Homi: Till I Reach Bombay

May 1, 2014

Vocalist and songwriter Amanda Homi mixes musical sounds and styles like a flavorful curry on this album. Instruments from the West, Mid-East and Central Asia stand comfortably next to each other like a World Cup Soccer match as guitars, ouds, tablas, and harmoniums meld with flutes, violins and nylon stringed guitars. Homi’s voice is clear, and pure, almost Gaellic in its ringing tone, and she makes it work in material ranging from sounds from an Irish Pub (“Ladri Di Biciclette”) or a Greek tavern (“Cards, Coins & Chaos”). Hints of Middle Eastern strings and Indian percussion permeate “Lorca’s Desire,” while third world grooves intertwine with Dublin festivities on “Shoes.” Through it all, Homi’s voice entices you with her charming joy, creating the image of a tour guide taking you through various back alleys where the music clubs are the most attractive. Nice outing!