‘Till I Reach Bombay’ by Amanda Homi album review

July 23, 2014

Amanda Homi’s Till I Reach Bombay is a jubilant album. It is Indian pop music that is energetic and joyous. The album is, at its core, an ode to dance. Homi’s voice wails out, filled with vitality. Lightness and merriment are all part of the journey. Homi is of English and Indian descent. She is […]

Amanda Homi – Till I Reach Bombay

June 27, 2014

“She’s been evolved since time began / Throw down your guns and stop your war / Let’s work it out on the dance floor,” sings New York artist Amanda Homi, celebrating the healing power of women on “Dancing Girls” – the middle eastern-flavored opening track of her latest album, “Till I Reach Bombay.” Produced and […]

Amanda Homi: Till I Reach Bombay

May 1, 2014

Vocalist and songwriter Amanda Homi mixes musical sounds and styles like a flavorful curry on this album. Instruments from the West, Mid-East and Central Asia stand comfortably next to each other like a World Cup Soccer match as guitars, ouds, tablas, and harmoniums meld with flutes, violins and nylon stringed guitars. Homi’s voice is clear, […]

Amanda Homi explores worldly melodies on ‘Till I Reach Bombay’

April 25, 2014

The music of New York City-based singer/songwriter Amanda Homi isn’t for everyone, but those who dig some worldly flavor should warm to latest full-length “Till I Reach Bombay.” Homi is of British and Indian descent, and she incorporates pieces of her culture (and many others) into an 11-track release that melds Indian, Spanish, Egyptian, funk, […]

Album Review of “Till I Reach Bombay”

March 14, 2014

Amanda Homi, of English and Indian descent, is a singer-songwriter who crosses genres (world, roots, funk, pop and classical). Now based in New York City, she covers a lot of musical territory in a masterful, yet adventurous, way. If a person enjoys listening to music to conjure up images of far away places and sights, […]

Amanda Homi: Till I Reach Bombay

February 28, 2014

Muziek is een universele taal, dat bewijst Amanda Horni, die geboren werd in Londen uit Engelse en Indiase ouders. Momenteel woont ze echter in New York, waar ze zingt, songs schrijft en percussie speelt. Ze nam al muziek op met o.a. Jackson Browne, Ray Lamontagne, Jane Siberry, Maxwell, Mavis Staples, They Might Be Giants, Michael […]

CD Review: Amanda Homi’s ‘Till I Reach Bombay’

February 23, 2014

London-born and New York-based, Amanda Homi’s Indian descent and world travels shines through on her latest release, Till I Reach Bombay. The danceable elements of “Dancing Girls” is very fitting and addictive. The classy pop-infused “Samba Feliz” brings to life a tropical and Latin medley. The upbeat “Shoes” is a marvelous and quirky Latin-themed composition […]

Amanda Homi | Till I Reach Bombay

February 20, 2014

You may make the same mistake I did and judge this album by its cover. To me, this looks like traditional Indian music performed by an American trying to connect with her homeland. I mean, doesn’t it? Instead, let me debunk that notion immediately. Amanda Homi’s Till I Reach Bombay is a delicious fusion of […]

FAME Review: Amanda Homi – ‘Till I Reach Bombay

Folk And Music Exchange • Click here to view in original publication
February 16, 2014

‘Till I Reach Bombay is a distinctive hybrid of a number of musical traditions based loosely in Hindustani musics, a disc I very much suspect Bollywood is going to perk its ears to. Amanda Homi sounds like a cross between Annie Haslam, Sally Oldfield, Carly Simon, and similar chanteuses dancing about in spirited chart-worthy ditties […]

Amanda Homi: Till I Reach Bombay

February 14, 2014

World music qualifies as the stupidest tag ever invented. It is used for anything that isn’t rooted in Western musical tradition. But it makes sense for an album that ties together the sounds from Greece, Italy, India, Colombia, Egypt and Spain. NYC singer Amanda Homi is like a kid in a candy store, sampling the […]