Amanda Homi – Till I Reach Bombay

June 27, 2014

“She’s been evolved since time began / Throw down your guns and stop your war / Let’s work it out on the dance floor,” sings New York artist Amanda Homi, celebrating the healing power of women on “Dancing Girls” – the middle eastern-flavored opening track of her latest album, “Till I Reach Bombay.” Produced and arranged by Graham Hawthorne, and released on the Drumgirl label, this eclectic pop/world-fused collection of her 11 solo-penned and co-penned songs is a glimpse of sorts into her travel diary as she visits Greece, India, Egypt and Spain.

Born in London to English and East Indian parents, Homi has natural affection for world cultures, and her bottomless curiosity and adventurous spirit brings to mind the likes of Joni Mitchell and David Byrne. With her sparkling-clear soprano and musical theatre bent she holds center stage on “Ladri Di Biciclette” – a delightful Gilbert and Sullivan-esque tale of stolen bikes on the streets of New York City. The stand-out title track is high-Bollywood-energy-Bhangra-meets-Top-40-pop, while Spanish-language ballad “Una Promesa” features a woodwinds section fit for Lincoln Center. Homi and Hawthorne have enlisted fine world musicians to ensure this album’s authentic travelogue quality.

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