CD Review: Amanda Homi’s ‘Till I Reach Bombay’

February 23, 2014

London-born and New York-based, Amanda Homi’s Indian descent and world travels shines through on her latest release, Till I Reach Bombay. The danceable elements of “Dancing Girls” is very fitting and addictive. The classy pop-infused “Samba Feliz” brings to life a tropical and Latin medley. The upbeat “Shoes” is a marvelous and quirky Latin-themed composition with comedic lyrics. The South Asian-infused, “Till I Reach Bombay,” is a dance-themed track with contemporary elements. There are Latin, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and Mediterranean elements throughout. Vocally, Amanda has an operatic side, but there are plenty of pop, dance, and neo-classical components. Nothing is awry here. ~ Matthew Forss